Youth Action Foundation Uganda

Promoting human rights and health education amongst youth

About Us

Youth Action Foundation Uganda [YAFU] is an indigenous registered service organisation that works to promote human rights and health education among students, their teachers and parents of partner schools and communities.

The organisation has a functional Board of Directors. The board is the policy making organ of the organisation.

The organisation is headquartered in Mukono with 4 full time staff and usually 4 volunteers who work to ensure the implementation of activities in partner schools/communities. The organisations’ technical team is headed by Mr. Sserwanga Eric a graduate of Bachelors Degree in Social work and Social Administration [Uganda Christian University].Other technical staff includes the Deputy coordinator who holds a Diploma of Social Works and Social Administration, one  Teacher who has a Degree in Senior Secondary Education. An Accounts Assistant who holds a Diploma in Accounting and Finance and is in charge of managing project funds.

Youth Action Foundation Uganda [YAFU] promotes human rights in communities through providing an opportunity to young people both in primary as well as secondary schools to ensure they develop  an understanding and appreciation for their human rights.

Human rights education in schools is an important component because it spells out the basic freedom and protection that all people in Uganda including people with disabilities are entitled. Children, their parents and teachers as well as other community members need to appreciate the rights that they have regardless of their sex, tribe, or even their sexual orientation.

Students, their parents and teachers as well as other community members need to understand that they are equally entitled to their human rights without discrimination. These rights are all related to one another, depend upon one another, and indivisible from one another

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